What are the Differences between Full-frame and Half-frame Glasses?

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What are the Differences between Full-frame and Half-frame Glasses?

Nowadays, with the development of society, the glasses industry is rapidly developing since there are more and more people who love beauty. If you are a lovely and thoughtful aesthetic communicator, you must pay great attention to choose a pair of glasses to fit you, and you will look upon the glasses as your good friend when you select it. According to the frame, it can be divided into half rim glasses, full frame glasses etc. According to the function, it can be divided into half frame sunglasses, half frame reading glasses etc. In a word, it mainly has two kinds, one is full frame, and another is half frame. As more and more people wear glasses, many people struggle with whether to wear full frames or half frames when they choose glasses. What are the differences between the full frame and half frame glasses? In fact, it should be said that both have their advantages and disadvantages. Here we will briefly introduce the characteristics of them as below.


Half frame glasses


The half frame glasses mean that it is between the full frame and the frameless. It is lighter and more suitable than the full frame, which highlights the sense of fashion, and has the wisdom of the business elite and the natural free and easy affinity, so it is popular by many people in recent years. It is suitable for wearing on a wide range of occasions, such as business occasions, leisure occasions, and parties. It is fashionable and calm, and has a grade of life. Therefore, half frame glasses are more suitable for the adults.


Full frame glasses


The full frame glasses are a type of frame that is more commonly used all the time. It has the characteristics of firmness, easy shaping and strong hardness. The full frame is mostly made of sheet materials, and the style is sporty and fashionable now, which is chased by young people due to the special design, rich colors and various styles.


Which one is better?


In fact, it is difficult to say which one is better only judging from the frame. Usually it mainly depends on the preference and habit of one person. For example, if the degree is high, the lens will be thicker, the full frame can cover part of the lens thickness, so that the actual thickness of the lens cannot be seen from the outside, and the appearance is much better. And half frame cannot cover the lens, the thickness of the half frame lens will be directly seen, which will affect the appearance, but it is lighter, and the field of vision will be wider. So with the same material, if the degree is not high, you may try half frame, which will look more exquisite. All in all, only the glasses meet your temperament, no matter it is the full frame glasses or half frame glasses, and they will look good when wearing. 

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