What are the Pros and Cons of Wearing Optical Glasses?

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What are the Pros and Cons of Wearing Optical Glasses?

Many people with myopia are reluctant to wear short-sighted glasses. On the one hand, they think the glasses will affect their appearance. On the other hand, they are worried that wearing glasses will cause myopia to become more serious. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of wearing optical eye glasses?



Advantages of Wearing Optical Glasses


1. Corrected Vision


For people with myopia, the distant light cannot be focused on the retina, which makes they can not see the distant objects clearly. For people with hyperopia, the opposite is true. After wearing optical prescription glasses, a clear object image can be obtained, so that vision can be corrected.



2. Reduce Visual Fatigue


Not wearing optical frame glasses will inevitably cause the eyes to be extremely tired, and the result can only be to make the degree deeper. After wearing the glasses normally, the phenomenon of visual fatigue will be greatly reduced.



3. Prevention and Treatment of Exotropia


For people with myopia, the regulating effect of the eye is weakened. The effect of the external rectus is more than that of the internal rectus, which will cause the exotropia of the eye. The exotropia can still be corrected by wearing glasses.



4. Prevention of Exophthalmos


Because the eyeball of teenagers is still in the developing stage, regulatory myopia is easy to develop into axial myopia. Especially in high myopia, the anterior and posterior diameter of the eyeball is significantly prolonged, that is exophthalmos. This situation will be alleviated by wearing frames optical glasses, or even not happen.



5. Prevention and Treatment of Amblyopia


Not wearing optical eyewear glasses in time often results in ametropic amblyopia. As long as you wear appropriate glasses, after a long time of treatment, vision will gradually improve.



6. Cost Efficient and Easy to Maintain


If ever you need to have your lenses changed, you may reuse your current frames and we'll simply upgrade your lenses. Cleaning your eyeglasses is also an easy and simple task—just rinse them with lukewarm tap water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid, and then dry them with a lint-free towel or microfiber cloth.



7. Better Visual Protection


Eyeglasses can prevent drying winds, dust, and other foreign matter from entering your eyes, making them an effective way of protecting your eyes from potential irritations. We also offer sports eyewear made of polycarbonate material that can tolerate high amounts of pressure, protecting your eyes from trauma or injuries. We may suggest applying special coatings or upgrading your lenses to protect you from the harmful effects of UV rays or blue light. Glasses are also the protective layer of eyes, which can prevent eye injuries such as beer bottle explosion, firecrackers and so on.



8. Improved Visual Health and Acuity


We'll perform a comprehensive eye exam to identify the type and degree of your refractive error so that we can prescribe the appropriate lens type, power, and material for your vision needs. In addition to providing sharp eyesight, eyeglasses do not directly come in contact with your eyes, reducing your risk of acquiring infections. With better visual health and clarity, you can enjoy an improved quality of life.


 Pros and Cons of Wearing Optical Glasses

Disadvantages of eyeglasses


1. In some types of work (such as firefighting) or in active sports, eyeglasses may be unacceptable (although some athletes may wear prescription goggles during sporting events). 


2. If the people with problems in visual function does not wear glasses, this easy to cause the eye coordination function obstacle, not only can lead to the development of myopia, but also can lead to serious visual fatigue and cause other eye diseases.


3. Some people find glasses inconvenient, uncomfortable, annoying (they tend to fog up in humid or cold environments, for example), or unattractive.


4. Eyeglasses can be broken or lost.


Therefore, when you have myopia or hyperopia problems, you must follow the doctor's advice, carry out professional vision test, and wear optical frames eye glasses in time, so that you can slow down the deepening of myopia or hyperopia.

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