What does TR90 Frame Benefit?

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What does TR90 Frame Benefit?

Some people started wearing glasses because of poor eyesight. Some people wear glasses to chase fashion. There are also some people who wear sunglasses in order to block the sun's rays. Due to the different materials of the frame, the characteristics of the frame are also different. And the TR eyeglass frames are currently the most popular.



The introduction of the TR eyeglass frames


TR90 is a polymer material with memory and is currently the most popular ultra-light frame material in the world. The full name of TR90 is "Grilamid TR-90". It was originally a transparent nylon material developed by Swiss EMS company. Because of its various properties suitable for the production of frames, it has been widely used in the production of TR 90 frame optical glasses in recent years.


The material of high quality TR eyeglass frames is much more expensive than other frame materials. And the manufacturing process is also more complicated, so the price of quality TR 90 eyeglasses frame is more expensive than others. It is very important that the they are fully dried to a moisture content of less than 0.1% during processing, otherwise the product will be brittle or unsightly, and the raw material loss will be large.


When processing high quality TR eyeglass frames, it is best to use a dehumidifier to remove moisture from the raw materials, so that the appearance and performance of the products are qualified. If there is no dehumidifier, it can only be produced when the weather is sunny and the air humidity is less than 50%. If the product produced in a dry environment is still unqualified, the injection temperature of the barrel needs to be increased to fully plasticize the raw materials.


As for the TR100 and TR120 frame optical glasses on the market, they are basically composed of the raw material PA12 of TR 90 frame optical glasses. The TR90 used by many domestic manufacturers is the raw material of the Swiss EMS company purchased. Due to the processing characteristics, the price of TR100 and TR120 frame optical glasses is not higher than that of TR 90 frame optical glasses.


 What does TR90 Frame Benefit

The advantages of the TR eyeglass frames


(1) Light weight


The surface of quality TR 90 eyeglasses frame is smooth and the density is 1.14-1.15kg / m³. The TR 90 frame optical glasses are less than half the weight of the wood optical frames. Its weight is 85% of nylon material. It can reduce the burden on the bridge of the nose and ears, which makes it more light and comfortable to wear.



(2) Rich colors and many styles


Stylish TR90 frame is more colorful than ordinary plastic eyeglass frames. For those who pursue fashion, it is a good choice. You can buy various colorful lenses TR90 frame or trendy TR optical frames to match various clothes. In addition, quality TR 90 eyeglasses frame can be made into many shapes for us to choose.



(3) Impact resistance


The material for making high quality TR eyeglass frames is a memory polymer material with an anti-deformation index of 620kg/cm2, which is not easily deformed. Because TR eyeglass frames are impact-resistant, which can effectively prevent damage to the eyes caused by impact during exercise.



(4) High temperature resistance


High quality TR eyeglass frames can withstand 350 degrees of high temperature in a short time. TR eyeglass frames are not easy to melt, deform and discolor, which makes the service life of quality TR 90 eyeglasses frames longer.


Whether it is for people with poor eyesight or for people who are in pursuit of fashion, lightweight TR90 frame is a good choice. For the elderly, there are also TR reading glasses so that they can see things clearly.

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