What is Anti Blue Light Glasses?

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What is Anti Blue Light Glasses?

With the popularization of electronic products, more and more anti blue light blocking glasses have appeared in the market. What exactly are anti blue light glasses and what role do they play? Let's focus on it today.



What is blue light?


Short-wave blue light is light with relatively high energy at wavelengths between 400nm-480nm. The blue light in this wavelength will increase the amount of toxins in the macular area of the eyes, seriously threatening the health of our eyes. Blue light induces blinding eye disease.


Blue light is abundant in computer monitors, fluorescent lights, mobile phones, digital products, display screens, LEDs and other light. Blue light can be seen everywhere in daily life, but the main source of harmful blue light is LED LCD screen. Today's LCD displays use LED backlight. Since the backlight requires the effect of white light, the industry uses blue LEDs mixed with yellow phosphors to form white light. Because the blue LED is a main hardware, the blue spectrum of this white light has a peak, which forms what we call the harmful blue light to the eye.


As the main carrier of entertainment in the living room, most families choose to watch TV before going to bed at night, and even many people will turn off the lights while watching TV, plus factors such as flashing screens, resulting in harmful blue light to the eyes. And because of the longer time spent watching TV, the harm suffered is even deeper. Since the damage of harmful blue light to the eyes is cumulative, the damage of the TV blue light to the eyes should be paid enough attention, especially for young children.



Features of blue light


Those who are exposed to blue light day after day may start to notice that their eyes feel dry and tired. In extreme cases, you may also notice redness and blurred vision. Many people have also noticed that headaches can result from prolonged exposure to blue light. This may be extremely detrimental to work efficiency, especially when all the work you do involves blue light.


Another huge negative effect of blue light on our health is that it can damage our sleep cycle. Although you may find that you are very tired, you may have difficulty falling asleep. This is because exposure to blue light reduces the production of melatonin in your body. Melatonin is a natural hormone that helps us fall asleep and maintain a healthy circadian rhythm. You may not be able to maintain normal sleep patterns, which may be extremely detrimental to other aspects of health. After all, the amount of sleep you get can directly affect your mental performance and physical function throughout the day.



How do the blue light glasses work?


Blue light blocking glasses are glasses that prevent blue light from irritating your eyes. Special blue light blocking computer glasses can effectively isolate ultraviolet rays and radiation and can filter blue light, they are suitable when watching computers or TV mobile phones.


Anti blue light glasses can effectively reduce the sustained damage of blue light to the eyes. Through the use of portable spectrum analyzers, the blue light intensity emitted by the mobile phone screen is effectively suppressed after using blue light eyeglasses, which reduces the harmful blue light to the eyes.


The anti blue light glasses mainly reflect the harmful blue light through the coating of the lens surface, or add the anti blue light factor through the lens substrate to absorb the harmful blue light, thereby blocking the harmful blue light and protecting the eyes.


The technology used are:

1) Substrate absorption: a blue light-proof factor is added to the lens base material to absorb harmful blue light, so as to achieve the protection purpose of blue light blocking.


2) Film reflection: the surface of the lens is coated, and harmful blue light is reflected through the film layer to achieve the purpose of blue light blocking.


3) Substrate absorption + film reflection: This technology combines the advantages of the first two technologies. It is a two-pronged approach to provide double-effect protection.


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