What is Used in Coating of Lenses?

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What is Used in Coating of Lenses?

Each coating is an important additional protective element added to the lens. The coating can guarantee higher quality, service life and maintenance quality for your new luxury glasses. We hope that your glasses fit your lifestyle and provide ultimate protection. For different people, you can choose different coated glasses, such as anti blue light glasses, anti blue light reading glasses, anti reflective sunglasses and so on. The following is the knowledge we provide you about the coating, so that everyone can better understand.



Six functions of lens coating


1. Scratch resistance


The scratch-resistant coating is the most basic but also one of the most important lens coatings. Since uncoated lenses are easily damaged, these are usually standard. Anti-scratch coated lenses prevent optical abrasion and deep scratches on the lens. Otherwise, it is easy to cause damage, such as putting down the spectacle lens during improper cleaning, dropping the spectacles, or putting it with other objects in a bag. The surface hardness of the scratch-resistant coating originates from the polymerization of the silicone compound. Anti-scratch coatings can be guaranteed for two years, so there is no reason not to use them. If the uncoated lens is damaged, it may take a lot of money to replace it.



2. Anti-reflection / anti-glare


Anti-reflective coating glasses is another option recommended to everyone. The main purpose of the anti-glare coating is to make the glass look more attractive. Uncoated lenses will obviously reflect light, so anyone looking at you or in the photo may hide or block your eyes. Anti-glare lenses can reduce this reflection. A more practical use is when driving at night or using computer monitors, they significantly reduce glare, so it is especially recommended for office workers. Both of these activities will make the eyes feel tired, so anti-glare coating can eliminate this situation. Wearing blue light blocking computer glasses can reduce reflections and make your eyes less tired.



3. Anti-pollution ability


The antifouling paint will be operated according to its instructions. Marks such as fingerprints will not appear on the lens, allowing you to maintain a clear vision throughout the day. The science behind this technology is that the anti-fouling layer was developed by using perfluoropolymer, which was applied directly after the final anti-reflection layer using a vacuum deposition process. This may sound complicated, but it means unmatched clarity when wearing glasses.



4. Water resistance


The waterproof coating prevents water droplets from sticking to the lens. The hydrophobic properties of the lens are achieved by having a very small angle (the smaller the more effective-about 6 degrees), the angle can effectively make the water slide off. This option is ideal for those who always wear glasses, because rain often blocks your vision. Wearing glasses with a waterproof coating will ensures that you never be bothered by this.



5. Dustproof


Dustproof is an excellent coating that protects against dust, and prevents any particles from adhering to your lenses. This makes your glasses easier to clean and to have better permeability, and there are no annoying dust particles in the line of sight or outside the eyes. This is achieved by the antistatic layer, which is practically impossible to adhere dust. This is an excellent choice for anyone who wears glasses for any reason, because dust is always in the air around you and will stick to your lenses.



6. Blue computer coating


Modern life includes daily screen use from work to private life. From Monday to Friday, we always look at the screen all day, from watching TV, scrolling smartphones or working in the office. The development of digital technology is not conducive to the health of our eyes, but our blue light reflective glasses will help protect your eyes. We strongly recommend that you use this lens, especially if you use the digital screen for a long time every day. Our computer coating is designed to enhance the contraction force on the digital screen, reduce visual stress and reduce the level of high-energy blue light.


To sum up


We recommend that you add a layer of coating to the glasses to help protect the lenses. Although coating is an additional cost, they add quality and longevity to your new luxury eyewear, so they are worth the money. Fashion blue light glasses are popular with all ages.

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