What is the Advantages of Plastic Glasses?

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What is the Advantages of Plastic Glasses?

Nowadays, glasses are already a must-have item in life, but the materials of glasses are also various. Among them, a better plastic frame is popular among consumers, but the plastic frame glasses are also diverse in the material of the frame. The advantages of different materials are also different. The following will introduce the advantages of plastic frames of different materials.


Plastic is known as the most revolutionary material of the 20th century, and is soon used in the eyewear industry. Now plastic has become the main material in the eyewear industry. The reason why plastic frames are loved by everyone is mainly because of the diversity of colors, textures and styles. Compared with other materials, plastic is easy to form, and can produce any kind of complex style plastic eyeglass frames, while other materials are relatively difficult. There are many types of plastic frame materials.



Cellulose acetate is a lightweight and adjustable material


The most common and cheapest plastic frames in optical shops on the market today are made of zyl (also known as zygolite or cellulose acetate). The plastic spectacle frame made of zyl is very light and can be easily adjusted. At present, a laminated zyl frame with several layers of colors is popular among a large group of young people. The material first appeared in 1865, and has been widely used in other fields. At the same time, in photography, zyl can be used as a film primer. In some adhesives, it is the basic ingredient. In addition, some cigarette filters and playing cards will also use this material.



Cellulose Nylon Propionate


The second material is cellulose propionate. Like zyl, the plastic frame of this nylon-based material is also very light, but it can easily mold any style. Compared to cellulose acetate, cellulose propionate is harder and the plasticizer migration is relatively low. In addition, it also has better low temperature impact performance. When adjusting this plastic frame, you need to pay special attention to heating, because overheating may cause the frame to shrink or even damage. This is because cellulose propionate has low weather resistance.



Kevlar fiber


DuPont developed Kevlar fiber materials in 1965. This is a para-aramid synthetic fiber. In the glasses frame, the plastic frames made of Kevlar are mainly sports glasses. Kevlar fiber has been used as a material for military bulletproof vests due to its impact resistance and very strong performance. In other fields, Kevlar materials are also widely used. In the beginning, the replacement for steel in racing tires was Kevlar. But now, it has been widely used in bicycle tires, racing sails and body armor materials.


 plastic eyeglass frame

Nylon frame--hard and lightweight


In the 1940s, nylon plastic spectacle frames have appeared. Since the early plastic spectacle frames were very brittle and easily broken, the public needed a high-strength plastic frame that was not easily broken, so nylon spectacle frames came into being. The plastic frame made of nylon material has high strength, light weight, and can withstand extremely high temperature and extremely low temperature, so it is also suitable for sports glasses. Once born, it was widely loved. Nowadays, most eyewear manufacturers use a material called "blended nylon". This variant material helps to produce sturdy and lightweight frames. At the same time, they are also resistant to cold and high temperatures, and they are very flexible. Sales of this plastic frame are very good.



Optyle-a material with extremely high strength


The plastic made of Optyle material is somewhat similar to the memory metal frame, so it is difficult to adjust this plastic frame. The plastic frame should be handled with care and protection, so as not to damage the frame. Optyle material is a special plastic material that is lighter and stronger than zyl.


In daily life, we should consider some of our environment, such as temperature, intensity of use, etc., when choosing glasses frames. When we choose a good pair of plastic eyewear frames, we should choose materials that are stable, safe, reliable, and have no harm to the skin, and we must choose light weight, strong frames and no deformation. For our consumers, it is often the first to purchase from the perspective of the practicality of the frame.


A good pair of frames should be made of safe, reliable, and non-hazardous materials, and should be light, strong, and not deformed on the face. Secondly, for the wearer, it is also necessary to purchase from the perspective of the practicality of the frame. For the plastic frames described in this article, specific choices are plastic optical frames, plastic reading frames, polarized plastic frames, male and female plastic frames and tr90 plastic frames.

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