What is the Best Coating for Eyeglasses?

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What is the Best Coating for Eyeglasses?

In order to obtain some new excellent properties, lenses are coated with a certain thickness of single or multi-layer optical films by physical and chemical methods. Do you know what is the best coating for mirrored lens sunglasses?



Lens Coating


1. Reinforced Coating


The reinforced coating refers to a film layer formed by mixing a metal oxide with a refractive index close to that of the lens and a coupling agent. It has the characteristics of high hardness, high adhesion and high light transmission, which can effectively improve the wear resistance of the lens. And the reinforced coating is not easy to peel off and yellow, which greatly improve the service life of the lens.



2. Anti-reflection Coating


It uses the interference principle of light to make the light reflected back from both sides of the coating interfere, so as to reduce or eliminate the light reflection of the lens, and improve the light transmittance of the lens. In general, it is difficult to achieve the ideal anti-reflection effect by using a single anti-reflection coating, because one anti-reflection coating only has the anti-reflection effect on the light of a certain band. Multiple layers of anti-reflection coating are used to enhance the full band anti-reflection effect of visible light, so as to make the lens more transparent.



3. Durable Coating


The durable coating is formed by evaporation and deposition of hydrophobic materials such as fluoride on the surface of the lens. Through hydrophobic materials and tight film surface, the contact area between water, oil and the lens is reduced, which makes water and oil less likely to adhere to the surface of the lens, guaranteeing the visual effect of the lens and making it easier to clean.



4. Antistatic Coating


The antistatic coating is generally made of indium tin oxide (ITO) material to form a thin coating on the lens surface, which has good conductivity and transparency. The ITO film can effectively eliminate the static electricity accumulated on the lens surface and reduce the dust adsorption on the lens surface.



Lens Thickness


The thickness of the lens mainly depends on the refractive index and degree of the lens. The center of myopia lens is thin, the periphery is thick, but the farsighted lens is opposite. Generally, the higher the degree, the thicker the lens; the higher the refractive index, the thinner the lens.



Purchase Suggestion


1. Lens Material


The material of a pair of lenses plays a decisive role in the light transmittance, durability and Abbe number (rainbow pattern visual effect on the surface of the lens). Through in-depth research and development of lens materials, it is crucial to choose lenses of controlled quality and excellent performance.



2. Lens Coating


A good lens coating layer can give the lens more excellent performance. Not only the optical properties such as light transmittance are greatly improved, but also its hardness, wear resistance and durability will be greatly improved.



3. Practical Functions


I think as long as it is suitable for your own is the best. Different occasions need to buy lenses with different practical functions. For example, people who use computers frequently can consider anti blue light sunglasses, people who frequently go in and out of indoors can consider progressive multifocal reading glasses, drivers can consider polarized driving sunglasses, people who exercise regularly can consider durable sunglasses.



4. Visual Effects


Lenses on the market usually include spherical, aspheric, double-sided aspheric, single light or multi focus visual design. Good visual design can improve the visual reality, alleviate visual fatigue and improve the wearing experience of consumers.


With the change of living habits and eye environment, a pair of ordinary anti ultraviolet and anti reflective sunglasses can not meet the needs of people's daily life and learning. Now there are many lens functions, we should choose one or more suitable lenses according to our own life and work needs, so as to fully protect our eyes.

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