What is the Differences between Prescription Glasses and Reading Glasses?

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What is the Differences between Prescription Glasses and Reading Glasses?

Now people pay more and more attention to the happiness of old people's life, hoping to help them to get a comfortable and stable experience of their old life. Therefore, reading glasses such as full frame reading glasses, half frame reading glasses can be seen everywhere which is used to improve the eyesight of old people.



Full frame reading glasses VS half frame reading glasses


There are two main styles of reading glasses: full frame reading glasses and half frame reading glasses. The whole lens of full frame reading glasses is made according to the reading prescription; half frame reading glasses are relatively small “Ben Franklin” type glasses, which can be lowered on the nose.


They are applied to different types of person. Full frame reading glasses are suitable for people who spend a lot of time focusing on writing. If you try to look up through the gaps in the frames, everything else in the sight will be blurry. In contrast, half frame reading glasses are a pair of glasses that can be used when you are working at close range. Whether through the lens or looking up and down at the distance above the lens, there will be a clear visual impression.


Therefore, if you have never used glasses before, you can choose full or half frame reading glasses according to your work habits.



Custom reading glasses VS ready stock reading glasses


Reading glasses are currently available in two waysyou can choose to customize them privately through an optical dispenser or you can choose to buy them "off the shelf" in a pharmacy or department store.


Ready stock reading glasses began to be popular in the 1990s: the volume of transactions in this decade is three times more than ever before, reaching 30 million a year. They allow you to have a few pairs of glasses for very little money.


But a disadvantage of ready stock reading glasses is that they are basically "one size fits all" products. The prescription of lenses as like as two peas is identical. The optical center position of the lens is also determined by the same template.


However, most people's binocular problems are not the same. Almost everyone has a small amount of astigmatism correction. If the optical center of the lens is too far away from the position of the pupil, it may cause headache, eye fatigue, and even nausea. When you encounter similar problems, your only solution is to see your ophthalmologist and get a pair of custom reading glasses.


In addition, don't confuse reading glasses and computer reading glasses. When you use reading glasses to look at the computer screen, there is absolutely no good viewing experience. There are two main reasons: first, the distance between reading printed matter and reading text on computer screen is different. In addition, if your glasses force you to lean your head back for the best viewing angle, your neck muscles will be under unnecessary pressure. Users who use computers for a long time should fully consider computer reading glasses.


When choosing ready stock reading glasses, be sure to check whether the lenses have bubbles, waves or other defects. Maybe you will not find high-quality products in ready stock reading glasses, please buy a customized pair. Many ophthalmologists will be willing to offer you with a special price.



The importance of a vision test


In fact, according to a recent survey of the elderly, 17% of the elderly buy prefabricated glasses because they "don't want to bother with eye examination". When some people find that they may have some problems with their eyes, their first choice is to go to the drugstore rather than to see an ophthalmologist.


When you start to focus on eye health, you should consult your eye doctor at least every two years. For you, a new pair of glasses may be just a natural aging process at work, but it may also mean that your eyes have serious problems.


For example, glaucoma is a serious eye disease. It has no symptoms in the outset. However, you may face the risk of insomnia if you miss the best treatment time. It is very convenient to go to an ophthalmologist for a simple test to detect early glaucoma.


For our comfort of wearing glasses, stop buying ready stock reading glasses. We should go to the optometry center first, and then choose the frame and lens according to our hobbies, face shape and vision.


In order to make our eyes healthier, we need to be careful and responsible for our own choices between ready stock reading glasses and custom reading glasses.


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