What is the Most Durable Glasses Frame?

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What is the Most Durable Glasses Frame?

When you accidentally touch your face with your elbow during a basketball game, or when you fall because the ground is too slippery, your glasses may fall off the ground and be twisted and damaged. Therefore when choosing new glasses, you should choose the durable ones. Here is introduction of the most durable glasses frame.


The spectacle frame can be made of plastic, metal and other materials. Metal is the most durable spectacle frame material, there are six kinds of metals to choose from. But two of the metals are the most durable: elastic fiber and titanium. Steel is the same as titanium, but offers fewer color options. One of the three plastic eyeglass frame materials also falls on the list of the most durable eyeglass frames: nylon. Some frames combine metal and plastic, but this is more for fashion reasons than durability.



Metal frame material


When choosing a metal frame, consider the combination of weight, flexibility, strength, and fracture resistance. If you are allergic to metals, please ensure that your frame material is hypoallergenic.


The following is the detailed information of the metal frame material:


Flexon: This metal has a unique function that can bounce back to its original shape after twisting. You may be heard it called "Memory Metal". Flexon is a hypoallergenic lightweight spectacle frame metal that is strong and flexible. It is also corrosion-resistant, making it suitable for people who work, live or exercise in various outdoor weather conditions. The metal frame is a titanium-based metal shell. According to All About Vision, a unique aspect of the flexon frame is that even though the frame is twisted, bent or squeezed, it can still restore its original shape. This is why flexon is called "memory metal".


Titanium: A light-weight metal that does not rust. Titanium has many fans in the glasses industry. Although titanium is strong and soft, it is more expensive than other metals. Pure titanium is hypoallergenic. Titanium and titanium alloy metals are used to make some of the most durable titanium-based metal frame. In fact, their strength is comparable to stainless steel, but the titanium frame offers more choices than stainless steel in terms of texture, pattern and color. The lightweight, sturdy, corrosion-resistant titanium frame and the frame made of titanium alloy (titanium combined with nickel or copper) are even used in space capsules for Apollo and Gemini missions. The medical community uses titanium for medical implants such as heart valves, even under conditions involving humidity and other extreme conditions, which further illustrates the durability of titanium. Polarized titanium sunglasses is very popular recently.



Plastic frame material


Plastic frames are attractive, cheap and stylish. As time passes by, they will tend to weaken, and may even melt or catch fire. Some plastics can cause allergies, so if you are prone to allergic reactions, be sure to check the materials in the plastic frame.


The following is the detailed information of plastic frame material:


Nylon: Athletes and those in dangerous occupations generally prefer nylon frames because they are soft, light and almost unbreakable-at least in the short term. As time goes by, the nylon frame may become brittle, which is an issue that needs to be considered. This is not the first nylon frame introduced in the 1940s. This is a blended nylon. Like flexon, this frame is light and strong. It also has hypoallergenicity and flexibility. As a nylon frame, it can be painted in many different colors. According to All About Vision, sports enthusiasts generally prefer nylon frames because they are more resistant to heat and cold than metal and provide greater flexibility. But they are more likely to break than metal frames. Exposure to sunlight and aging processes inevitably reduce their overall strength.


Kevlar: This material used in bulletproof vests can withstand strong impacts and is ideal for contact sports and high-risk work. But it does not have much flexibility, so it limits its application.


Besides, metal wood sunglasses, fashion acetate sunglasses and stainless steel sunglasses are also durable, which chose by young generation.

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