What’s the Benefit of Prescription Sunglasses?

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What’s the Benefit of Prescription Sunglasses?

Sunglasses can block sunlight. When a person is exposed to sunlight, he usually adjusts the luminous flux by adjusting the pupil size. When the light intensity exceeds the adjustment ability of the human eye, it will cause damage to the human eye. Therefore, sunglasses should be used to block sunlight in outdoor activities, especially in summer. It can reduce fatigue caused by eye adjustment or damage caused by strong light stimulation. If people with bad eyesight want to buy sunglasses, prescription sunglasses are a good choice.


Your glasses may provide you with excellent vision indoors and at night. But on sunny days, they cannot provide the best view. So you need prescription sunglasses.



Benefits of prescription sunglasses


Prescription sunglasses can be tailored to your needs. In addition to adding chemicals that absorb ultraviolet light, manufacturers also add dyeing materials to the sunglasses lens during the production process. And manufacturers have also developed light-filtering chemicals that can absorb specific parts of the spectrum.


By using dyeing and filtering substances to develop prescription sports sunglasses for specific sports, such as golf. Prescription sunglasses can be made from a variety of materials, such as high refractive index materials, polycarbonate, plastic (CR-39) or glass. The first two materials are better and most used.


If you need to block light and correct vision, there is no substitute for prescription sunglasses. Only prescription sunglasses can provide you with the best vision correction, and provide a variety of colored lenses to give you the most comfortable vision under bright conditions.


In addition, if you want to avoid glare and eye fatigue on sunny days, it is best to choose prescription sunglasses with polarized lenses. These lenses have special filters to block the bright reflections of light from water, sand, sidewalks, car hoods and windshields.


Even if you wear contact lenses, buying a pair of prescription sunglasses is still a good investment. Even people with poor eyesight can wear prescription sunglasses to feel comfortable on the beach or other places outdoors, and can still see clearly on sunny days. And wearing contact lenses while swimming is a bad idea. Because it may increase the risk of serious eye infections like Acanthamoeba keratitis.


Prescription sunglasses are sunglasses formulated according to the vision of the wearer. People with good eyesight do not have to choose prescription sunglasses, only those with refractive errors or presbyopia need to wear it. If you are a fashion-conscious person, you can also choose prescription sunglasses. Because there are many types of prescription sunglasses you can choose, such as fashionable prescription sunglasses, classy prescription sunglasses, mirror fashion prescription sunglasses and so on.



Selection of prescription sunglasses lenses


Prescription sunglasses can be used for almost any lens prescription, including bifocal lenses, progressive focus lenses, presbyopic lenses, etc.


Some photochromic lenses do not darken well behind the windshield of the vehicle. If you want to choose the best prescription sunglasses that can adjust the light well, it is best to let your optician show you photochromic sunglasses designed only for driving and outdoor use in direct sunlight.



UV protection of prescription sunglasses


Style is important when choosing glasses. But when buying prescription sunglasses, your main concern should be whether the lenses can block 100% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.


UV protection has nothing to do with the color and density of sunglasses lenses, including the color of lenses in prescription sunglasses. Therefore, as long as your optician confirms that the lens can provide 100% UV protection, you can choose any lens color you want.


A pair of high-quality prescription sunglasses may cost a lot. However, if you spend a lot of time outdoors, prescription sunglasses can make you see clearly without eye fatigue caused by the sun. Then the value you get from it makes your investment in prescription sunglasses worthwhile.

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