What's the Origin and Development of Sunglasses?

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What's the Origin and Development of Sunglasses?

Sunglasses are an indispensable element in the fashion trend. Whether it is a street shot in the streets or the show of major fashion weeks, you can find the trace of sunglasses. But few people know when modern sunglasses began to develop with the pulse of fashion, let us go through time and space, go back to the past, and trace the origin of the sunglasses trend.



The rise and popularity of aviator Sunglasses


The greatest wealth of the industrial revolution to mankind was cars and airplanes, and the automobile and airplane brought the rise of goggles, because even airplanes were convertible at that time, and there was no way to drive without goggles. At the beginning of the 20th century, sunglasses gradually became a "fashion statement" with famous brand leather bags, shoes and handmade suits. Before and after the "First World War", the usage rate of browser sunglasses became more and more widespread, especially in the movie star circle at that time.


During World War II, five-star Admiral MacArthur wore Ray-Ban's pilot sunglasses developed for the US Air Force, and made the most successful market promotion in the history of this old American eyewear manufacturer. At the same time, Hollywood celebrities' enthusiasm for the sunglasses has begun to become popular among the general public. To this day, aviator sunglasses are still at the pinnacle of trends, leading the fashion.



During World War II: Ray-Ban Air Force Mirror


Put Eisenhower, General Patton and Tom Cruise in "Top Gun", you can automatically think of the sunglasses icon at that time-the United States Air Force shaped Ray-Ban glasses. Ray-Ban Air Force sunglasses are sought after by many men because of their cool and strong male characteristics.



Cat Eye Sunglasses


In the 1950s, cat-eye sunglasses were the most popular among women. The cat-like frame with its upward tilted design has become the favorite of many glamorous Hollywood actresses such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.



Browline Sunglasses


In the 1950s, browline glasses were popular among men. Its popularity is not without reason. At that time, American film actors, who were admired by the majority of young people in the 1950s, who were typical of the confused, irritable, and utopian youth in the 1950s, like to appear in the public with eyebrow frames and sunglasses, as well as American civil rights Malcolm X, an important person in sports, has also become the Icon of this glasses.



Fifties: Dark Jazz sunglasses


During the golden years of jazz and Bop, the "jazz" flowed in the JazzClub in New York, London, and Paris at two o'clock in the morning, wearing darker sunglasses; Be-bop masters hide themselves after the dark jazz sunglasses, it presents us the purest soul movement.



Sixties: Oversized retro glasses


The word "Oversize" influenced the design of sunglasses throughout the 1960s. Large-scale exaggerated design sunglasses have become the love of ladies.



Granny glasses


This ultra-small lens with wire-framed "Granny glasses" is like the grandmother in the movie "Beverley Hillbillies." The hippies used all kinds of lenses to "grandma glasses", the most classic is the psychedelic fluorescent color, think about the light rose powder or orange fluorescent yellow often worn on the face of the Beatles member John Lennon , This is fascinating.



Wayfarer Retro Sunglasses Traveler Retro Sunglasses


Traveler's vintage Ann sunglasses ushered in its first heyday in the 1960s. We can find it in the most influential famous artist Andy Warhol and American singer-songwriter, folk singer, musician Bob Dylan, which is enough to prove its popularity in the 1960s.


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