When Should You Wear Blue Light Blocking Lenses?

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When Should You Wear Blue Light Blocking Lenses?

In recent years, as electrical products have gradually increased, eye protection has also been valued. Clinically, it is recommended to use tears, preservative-free drugs to clean the eyes, and wear anti blue light blocking glasses. So, do we need to wear anti blue light glasses at any time? It is actually unnecessary. When we need long-term exposure to blue light, we can wear it.



When using computers


Whenever you use a desktop monitor or portable computer, you should wear blue light blocking lenses. Many employees spend at least 8 hours a day looking at computer screens. It takes a lot of time to be exposed to the blue light emitted by the screen. Overexposure can cause some potential discomfort symptoms, including dry eyes and headaches.


When you work on the computer, make sure you also flash your eyes frequently, maintain a good sitting posture and set up a work time to reduce digital eye fatigue.



When using smart phones and tablets


After spending eight hours working on the screen, people often use electronic hand-held devices to follow up for several hours. The screens on smart phones, tablets and e-readers will also emit blue light. To reduce the potential harmful effects of blue light, use lenses every time you touch the device.


Research shows that people take mobile phones more than 120 times a day. It is helpful to wear blue light blocking glasses during the time period when you often use your mobile phone.





Blue light will naturally be found in the sun. Exposure to sunlight can provide essential vitamin D. While being aware of the effects of sunlight on the skin, be sure to consider the effects on the eyes.


Lenses that block blue light should specifically allow healthy blue light to enter your body, while also blocking potentially harmful blue light. Not all blue lenses are the same. It is important to understand at what wavelength the blue light is reduced.



At home


Remember, both the LED bulb and the TV emit blue light. If you spend time watching TV, make sure to slide the lens. If you cannot replace the light bulb in your residence, please consider adding other light sources that do not use LED bulbs. Minimizing your exposure to blue light from this light source is an important step towards prevention.


Normally, humans blink about 15 times per minute. Studies have shown that when we use digital screen devices, the number of blinks will be reduced by 1/2 ~ 2/3, and the reduction in the number of blinks and working at close distances will cause eye fatigue. Every time you use a blue light-emitting screen or device, you should wear blue light blocking computer glasses. Use a pair of excellent blue light eyeglasses to keep your eyes healthy and reduce digital eye fatigue. In addition to wearing blue light glasses, it is recommended that everyone must pay attention to the eye environment and eye hygiene, and it will really protect our eyes.


If you are interested in fashion blue light glasses, or even anti blue light reading glasses, you can contact us.

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