When Should You Wear Reading Glasses?

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When Should You Wear Reading Glasses?

With the increase of age, the eye function of the elderly will gradually decline, and presbyopia occurs, so when should we wear half frame reading glasses?



When do you need reading glasses?


Presbyopia is a symptom that everyone will have. The elderly generally need to wear plastic reading glasses when the following symptoms occur.



1) Difficulty working or reading at close distance.

When reading, you need to take the book away, or you need to read it in a place with strong light to see clearly.



2) Visual fatigue

With the decrease of accommodation, the reading demand gradually approaches the accommodation limit, that is, when reading, almost all of the adjustment power of the eyes must be used, which leads to the inability to use the eyes for a long time, and at the same time, eye fatigue, headaches and other visual fatigue are prone to happen.


3) For myopic people, the need to take off the glasses or pull the reading away when reading at close distance is also a performance of presbyopia.


If you have presbyopia and hold on without reading glasses, fatigue of your eye ciliary muscles will definitely increase the difficulty of reading, leading to many symptoms such as dizziness, and affecting your life and work. This is very unwise. Therefore, round reading glasses should be matched as soon as possible.


Even if you pay attention to protecting your eyes, the degree of presbyopia will increase with age, and generally increase at a rate of 50 degrees deeper every 5 years. According to the correspondence table of age and presbyopic degree, most people who have good refractive status of their eyes, that is, no myopia and hyperopia, the presbyopic degree is usually 100 degrees at 45 years old, and increases to 200 degrees at 55 years old. Around 60 years old, the degree will increase from 250 degrees to 300 degrees, after which the presbyopia degree generally does not deepen.



How to choose the right reading glasses?


Some people think that bifocal reading glasses is a frame plus two glasses, which can be bought on a street stall, and even some old couples wear the same pair of reading glasses, this is wrong. First, the degree of presbyopia in both eyes is different. This kind of ready-made reading glasses has the same degree of two lenses. Wearing such glasses may increase fatigue. Second, most people still have astigmatism, so when optometry is done, a certain degree of astigmatism will be added, so that the vision will be clearer, and the ready-made reading glasses must not add astigmatism. Finally, everyone has different pupil distances, and the frames of ready-made reading glasses are of a uniform size. Therefore, after wearing such glasses, the optical center and the pupil center do not overlap, and it is difficult to obtain clear and comfortable vision.


Before going to buy the reading glasses, you must go to the hospital to do a comprehensive examination of the eyes, including the examination of refractive status, eye position, accommodation, intraocular pressure and fundus. Only after precluding cataracts, glaucoma and some fundus diseases, the prescription of glasses can be accurately determined . After the symptoms of presbyopia appear, you need to conduct a professional optometric examination and get your own reading glasses. You can choose either ordinary reading glasses or progressive multifocal reading glasses with a diopter gradient from top to bottom , The top is suitable for looking far, and the bottom is suitable for looking close, which is more convenient to use.



What are the alternatives to reading glasses?


The replacement of ordinary reading glasses is multi focus reading glasses, multi-focus contact lenses and surgery (including Monovision LASIK and refractive lens replacement).


Of course, you can simply wear the wings without wearing glasses, but this puts you at risk of eye fatigue, which may cause headaches, double vision, and other problems.



What are some common myths about reading glasses?


One of the most common myths: wearing reading glasses can cause your eyes to weaken. It is wrong.


There is also a myth: performing cataract surgery will repair your eyes, which means you can throw away reading glasses. It is not true.


Another concept is that progressive reading glasses will make the wearer look old. Eye care professionals consider that as an old way of looking at reading glasses, especially considering that more than 150 million Americans wear vision correction glasses.

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