Which Frame Material is the Best for You?

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Which Frame Material is the Best for You?


The frame is an important part of the glasses, it mainly plays the role of supporting the lens. The frame not only affects the appearance of the glasses but also affects the comfort of wearing. The comfort of a pair of frames is mainly affected by the material of the frames. There are plastic eyeglass frames, TR eyeglass frames, wood texture eyeglass frames and so on. What are the characteristics of frames made of different materials?



Wood Texture Eyeglass Frames


In addition to the decorative effect of glasses, people with poor eyesight often need to wear glasses to help them see clearly. They want the frame to be lighter and more comfortable to wear. The wood texture eyeglass frames are a good choice. It is lighter than aluminum alloy. However, the production process is more difficult. It needs to have anti-corrosion, waterproof and other characteristics, so it is more complicated to process than ordinary metal eyeglass frames.


The optical wooden glasses can be perfectly combined with sheet iron, which strengthens the firmness of the frame. And it is not easy to burn or be discolored by ultraviolet radiation. The hardness of the wood texture eyeglass frames is the best of all materials, and it is also resistant to high temperatures. So you don't have to worry about deformation if you wear it for a long time.



Plastic Eyeglass Frames


The plastic eyeglass frame material is mainly made of various types of plastic polymer materials. It is shock resistant and suitable for athletes. The plastic eyeglass frames are usually made of nylon or composite materials. The plastics used to make frames can generally be softened under heating, and some plastic eyeglass frames can be fine-tuned even without heating. The plastic eyeglass frames are not easy to cause allergies, and they are lightweight. It is suitable for children and people of all ages. And because of the rich colors and many styles of plastic eyeglass frames, it has become the best choice for fashionable sunglasses. In addition, the cost of plastic eyeglass frames is lower and the processing technology is simpler.


Which Frame Material is the Best for You


TR Eyeglass Frames


The TR eyeglass frame is actually a frame with special memory. The most popular TR eyeglass frame today is the TR90 frame optical glasses.


The surface of TR90 frame optical glasses is smooth. Its density is 1.14-1.15kg/m³, and it will float in salt water. It is lighter than other plastic eyeglass frames and can reduce the burden on the nose bridge and ears. It is suitable for teenagers. It has the characteristics of solvent resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. And it is a polymer material with memory. Its anti-deformation index is 620 kg/cm2, which is not easy to deform.


Because the TR90 frame optical glasses has the advantages of high elasticity, toughness and not easy to break, it can effectively prevent damage to the eyes caused by impact during sports. The material of TR90 frame optical glasses is much more expensive than other plastic eyeglass frame or metal eyeglass frames. And its manufacturing process is relatively complicated.



Metal Eyeglass Frames


Among the metal eyeglass frames, titanium eyeglass frames are more popular. Titanium is not only 48% lighter than ordinary metal frames, but also has the advantages of corrosion resistance, high stability, high strength and good elasticity. Titanium is non-toxic to the human body and has no radiation. In addition to being relatively light, titanium alloys also have the advantages of corrosion resistance and deformation resistance.


Whether you choose metal optical glasses or wood optical frames, the most important thing is to choose the frame that suits you. Each type of frames has its own unique characteristics. Only after we understand the characteristics of each material frame can we choose the glasses that suits us.

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