Which Lens is Used for Myopia?

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Which Lens is Used for Myopia?

Now we will see more and more people wearing myopia glasses, among them ,there are many children. Myopia may bring a lot of inconvenience, so many people have begun to take some measures to protect their vision, such as wearing anti blue light glasses , doing vision correction surgery, etc. So what are the symptoms of myopia and how does it affect people? Can myopia be corrected?



The Symptoms of Myopia


The most prominent symptom of myopia is reduced distance vision, but near vision can be normal. Although the higher the degree of myopia, the worse distance vision, but there is no strict ratio. Generally speaking, myopia above 3.00D, distance vision will not exceed 0.1, 2.00D is between 0.2 and 0.3, 1.00D is up to 0.5, sometimes it may be better.


According to the degree of myopia:

1) Those within 3.00D are called mild myopia.

2) Those from 3.00D to 6.00D are called moderate myopia.

3) People above 6.00D are high myopia, also known as pathological myopia.



Correction Lens of Myopia


The lens is generally composed of three parts:


Design (or processing technology)-The lens is designed according to the prescription requirements of different wearers, whether it is used to correct distance vision, intermediate vision or near vision. Lens design solutions include single vision, reading, dual focus, trifocal, progressive lenses and computer lenses.


Materials—The appearance, weight, and wear resistance of the glasses depend on whether the lenses use plastic, polycarbonate, high-refractive resin, or glass materials.


Lens technology-Lens technology is applied to one or both sides of the lens to enhance the design and material characteristics of the lens. Lens technology can extend the life of the lens and improve clarity. Lens technology includes photochromism, polarized light, anti-glare, abrasion resistance, stain resistance, and dust, water, and fog resistance.


Myopic corrective lenses are concave lenses. By refracting the light outward, concave lenses (thick edges, thin in the middle) make the light enter the eyeball and correctly focus on the retina to correct vision. The diopter of the lens for correcting myopia is measured in diopters (D). Lenses with myopia usually start with a negative sign. The higher degree the lens, the more corrected myopia. In addition to wearing these conventional concave lenses to correct our vision, we will also prevent myopia in advance, for example, we can wear blue light blocking glasses.



How to Prevent Myopia?


1) Improve the eye environment. Usually reading books, writing, watching TV, playing with mobile phones, as long as the activities that use the eyes for a long time, it is recommended to ensure that the light is neither too bright nor too weak. You can also wear blue light blocking computer glasses.


2) Pay attention to eye hygiene. When writing, working and reading, we all need to maintain a good eye position, not too close, not to read under direct sunlight, and do not look at the phone while lying down or walking. You can't use your eyes for too long. When you feel tired, you can close your eyes or do more eye exercises.


3) Pay attention to a balanced diet. You can't take a partial eclipse in your diet, and don't be picky. Eat more foods rich in vitamin A and vitamin C that are good for your eyes, such as eggs, milk, pork liver, vegetables, carrots, etc.


4) Check your eyesight regularly. Children generally check their eyes regularly when they are about 4 years old to prevent myopia. If they are found to have myopia, they must be corrected or taken in a timely manner to avoid myopia. Now children are more and more exposed to electronic products. Parents can prepare a pair of anti blue light blocking glasses for the child.


In short, myopia will cause great inconvenience. Those who can prevent it in advance must do it in advance. Understand the above precautions for preventing myopia, use current science and technology to prevent myopia scientifically, maybe a pair of blue light eyeglasses can solve your problem. If you want to know more about fashion blue light glasses, you can contact us.

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