Why People Custom Reading Glasses?

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Why People Custom Reading Glasses?

Have you ever noticed that most people have very different degrees of right and left eyes? Years of selling presbyopic reading glass have made me accustomed to hearing such complaints. This is why custom reading glasses are provided! The following three aspects are what you need to know about customizing reading glasses.



Why do you need to customize reading glasses?


Why do you need to customize reading glasses? Presbyopia, also known as farsightedness, is a kind of degeneration of eye function caused by the growth of age. It makes it impossible for us to clearly see objects at close range.


Wearing wrong or inappropriate presbyopic reading glass will do harm to eyes. The custom reading glasses are tailored according to a person's face shape, hairstyle, skin color, interpupillary distance, pupil height, etc. Glasses are no longer simple lenses, but a new optical system formed with eyes to meet the needs of eyes without damaging eyes.


For these two eyes with different vision needs, it is extremely frustrating to buy standard reading glasses. Therefore, we are willing to help you solve this problem by proudly introducing our newly marketed quality reading glasses.



What are customizable reading glasses?


The basic optical principle of presbyopic glasses is the same as that of proximity glasses. To match a pair of quality reading glasses suitable for your vision, you must go to a professional optometry organization to match the glasses. However, it is worth noting that presbyopia needs to be more precise and strict in fitting to protect eyesight and wear comfortably.


If you compare eyes to masters, glasses can be compared to bodyguards. Many people will choose to wear a pair of traditional single focus presbyopic reading glass after presbyopia occurs, but this requires eyes to adapt to glasses which will occur eye swelling and dizziness after long-term wearing. Unbreakable reading glasses, like bodyguards, are completely opposite. They not only meet the needs of the eyes, but also provide protection for all-day application of the eyes so that the eyes can really exert their energy.


Our prescription reading glasses need to be customized according to the specific optometry information of each eye. Whether your right-eye vision or left-eye vision is poor, we can customize it for you. Moreover, all glasses available for customization include optical grade lenses and frames. And if you order glasses now, you will also get a free glasses case to protect your frames!


Optometry in professional institutions can comprehensively solve the problems of presbyopia, myopia and hyperopia of eyes. If the eye has astigmatism, the optometrist will add astigmatism to the basis of presbyopic reading glass. Because the interpupillary distance between two eyes is different, professional interpupillary distance detection can ensure that the visual axis and the optical center of the lens are in a line, thus avoiding eye fatigue caused by prism effect.



How to Buy Customizable Presbyopic Glasses


EMMA Opticalas a professional presbyopic glasses testing and matching chain organization in China, has so far provided exclusive vision health services to millions of presbyopic people at home and abroad.


You can choose to browse in official website and choose a best reading glasses style. All you need to do is choose your lens type, whether it is full or bifocal. Then make sure the diopter of each eye is between +1.00 and +4.00. In a short two-step operation, you can obtain our customized reading glasses tailored for you. 

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