Why Sunglasses is Necessary In Summer?

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Why Sunglasses is Necessary In Summer?

When summer comes, many eyewear merchants will promote and recommend some functional sunglasses, such as uv400 protective sunglasses, hd polarized sunglasses, tac polarized sunglasses, anti reflective sunglasses, outdoor sports sunglasses, etc. Why do you need to wear sunglasses in summer? What are the benefits of wearing sunglasses?



Benefits of wearing sunglasses in summer


Sniper ultraviolet rays: Our eyes are very easy to absorb ultraviolet rays in the sun. Long-term outdoor training or competition under direct sunlight, especially on the bare ridge, will cause great damage to the eyes. Ultraviolet rays should be absorbed by the crystals in the eye. If the absorption is incomplete, it will enter the retina, which will cause retinal macular degeneration. At the same time, the incomplete absorption will cause the crystals to become turbid and cause serious eye diseases such as cataracts.


Although some people would say that hats can block sunlight, after all, they are not 360-degree close to the eyes, and the effect is much worse than sunglasses. The high-tech anti-UV coating of professional sports sunglasses can filter 95% to 100% of ultraviolet rays. Many people think that you don’t need to wear sunglasses when the sun is not strongwhich is ridiculous. Because ultraviolet light is invisible, the insensitivity of your eyes does not mean that there is no UV damage.


Anti-glare: In addition to ultraviolet rays, the strong light in the sun will cause severe irritation to the eyes. After a long period of exposure, people will suddenly experience dizziness and even blindness when they suddenly enter a relatively dark environment. . In the course of trail running, such momentary changes are quite terrible. Unable to see the surrounding environment clearly and failing to judge the foothold in time will cause danger in sports. The outdoor sports sunglasses can soften and weaken the strong light, and the change in the outdoor light environment provides a comfortable transition for the eyes, which ensures smooth running.


Prevention of external damage: The so-called external damage is nothing more than sand, dead branches, flying insects, etc. In the process of trail running, due to too much focus on road signs and road conditions, it is often difficult to notice the branches on both sides of the road, etc., which often scratch the eyes. Custom design sunglasses can not only protect our eyes, but also give us confidence.


Prevention of cataracts: The main symptom of cataracts is visual impairment, which is related to the degree and location of lens turbidity. Severe cataracts can cause blindness. Cataract is a very common disease, but many people do not understand it and think it is a terrible problem. It is now the summer with the strongest ultraviolet rays in a year. Ultraviolet rays can cause eye diseases and even blindness. Long-term excessive ultraviolet radiation can directly cause cataracts. The prevalence of cataracts in areas with strong sunshine is much higher than in other areas. This has a lot to do with strong ultraviolet rays. When the ultraviolet rays are strong, people should wear hats and sunglasses to protect themselves from the sun, especially the elderly.


prevent cancer:Eyelid cancer is a frequent eye disease in recent years. Your eyelids are thin and sensitive skin, just like other parts of the body exposed to the sun are prone to skin cancer. If you don’t take the right protection strategy, regular exposure to the sun can cause this cancer. Since you can't put sunscreen on the eyelid accurately, be sure to use sunglasses with UV protection to protect them. 


The benefits of wearing sunglasses are so many, do you know how to choose sunglasses with different functions according to your own situation? Follow us in the next article to tell you the answer.

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