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  • 5 Tips for Eyes Protection from Sun


    The increasingly bright sunshine makes all things recover, and also brings us a colorful scene. You may know that overexposure to UV will accelerate skin aging, but you may not know that it will also increase the risk of cataract and eye cancer. Read More

  • How to prevent your kids’ eyes from UV damage?


    Nowadays, more and more people are aware of the destructive effect of ultraviolet rays on the skin. In contrast, the number of people who know that their eyes will also be damaged by ultraviolet rays is very small. So I'd like to introduce to you the damage of UV to eyes and how to cultivate children's eyes. Read More

  • Why Sunglasses is Necessary In Summer?


    When summer comes, many eyewear merchants will promote and recommend some functional sunglasses, such as uv400 protective sunglasses, hd polarized sunglasses, tac polarized sunglasses, anti reflective sunglasses, outdoor sports sunglasses, etc. Why do you need to wear sunglasses in summer? Read More

  • Why Need A Pair of Sunglasses?


    Various types of outdoor sunglasses, UV protection sunglasses, polarized uv400 sunglasses, fashionable shade sunglasses, trendy vintage sunglasses on the market are reminding us that we need a pair of sunglasses, but do you know how to choose sunglasses? What kind of sunglasses really suit me? Read More

  • What Happens When You Don’t Wear Sunglasses?


    In 1981, Australia launched an event called "Slip Slop Slap". Seagull Sid encourages people to put on T-shirts, put on sunscreen, and put on a hat to minimize UV radiation exposure and reduce the risk of sunburn and skin cancer. In 2007, the slogan of the event became "Slip Slop Slap Seek Slide". Read More




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