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  • What’s the Best Sunglasses for Driving?


    Driving sunglasses can be seen everywhere at present, no matter they are used for beauty or to block the dazzling sunlight. Today, let's talk about this new fashion item——driving sunglasses. Read More

  • What is Used in Coating of Lenses?


    Each coating is an important additional protective element added to the lens. The coating can guarantee higher quality, service life and maintenance quality for your new luxury glasses. We hope that your glasses fit your lifestyle and provide ultimate protection. Read More

  • What is the Best Coating for Eyeglasses?


    In order to obtain some new excellent properties, lenses are coated with a certain thickness of single or multi-layer optical films by physical and chemical methods. Do you know what is the best coating for mirrored lens sunglasses? Read More

  • Glasses & Contact Lens:Which is Better For Eyes?


    Everyone is not new to glasses. People with myopia need to wear glasses for myopia, people with farsightedness need to wear foldable reading glasses; the fashionable sunglasses are suitable for going out in the summer, and the blue light blocking sunglasses are suitable for people using cellphone in the open air. In addition to these lens categories, we know that there are contact lenses, so what are the differences between contact lenses and glasses? Read More

  • What Glasses Are Best For Pilots?


    The pilot wearing sunglasses is an iconic image of the United States, often appearing in movies, magazines, history books, etc. These classic images attract our common appreciation for freedom, courage, innovation and exploration. Read More

  • Why Sunglasses is Necessary In Summer?


    When summer comes, many eyewear merchants will promote and recommend some functional sunglasses, such as uv400 protective sunglasses, hd polarized sunglasses, tac polarized sunglasses, anti reflective sunglasses, outdoor sports sunglasses, etc. Why do you need to wear sunglasses in summer? Read More





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