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  • How to Sanitize Your Glasses?


    The metal optical glasses case is always equipped with a piece of glasses cloth, many people are used to wipe the lens with this cloth. But do you know? Wiping the optimum optical reading glasses with this cloth will damage the lenses. The glasses cloth is actually just an ornament. Read More

  • When Should You Wear Blue Light Blocking Lenses?


    In recent years, as electrical products have gradually increased, eye protection has also been valued. Clinically, it is recommended to use tears, preservative-free drugs to clean the eyes, and wear anti blue light blocking glasses. So, do we need to wear anti blue light glasses at any time? Read More

  • What is Anti Blue Light Glasses?


    With the popularization of electronic products, more and more anti blue light blocking glasses have appeared in the market. What exactly are anti blue light glasses and what role do they play? Let's focus on it today. Read More

  • Which Lens is Used for Myopia?


    Now we will see more and more people wearing myopia glasses, among them ,there are many children. Myopia may bring a lot of inconvenience, so many people have begun to take some measures to protect their vision, such as wearing anti blue light glasses , doing vision correction surgery, etc. Read More

  • What is Used in Coating of Lenses?


    Each coating is an important additional protective element added to the lens. The coating can guarantee higher quality, service life and maintenance quality for your new luxury glasses. We hope that your glasses fit your lifestyle and provide ultimate protection. Read More

  • How do I Choose the Right Eyeglass Lenses?


    With the increase of myopia, it is inevitable to change glasses. A pair of fashion blue light glasses will add points to the external image. To replace the glasses, you must try on and choose them by yourself. So, how can you choose the right glasses for yourself? Read More

  • What are the Types of Lenses?


    Lens is a transparent material with the curved surfaces made of glass or resin and other optical materials. After polishing, it is often assembled with the eyeglass frame to form pc reading glasses, which are used to correct the user's vision and obtain a clear vision. Read More

  • Is Computer Glasses Effective for Digital Eye Syndrome?


    Computer Vision Syndrome, or CVS for short, is a medical symptom caused by staring at the screen of digital devices such as computers, smart phones, handheld video game consoles, and e-books for a long time. Doctors estimate that nearly 80 million people in the United States may have this symptom, which does not include more and more children with eye problems related to electronic devices. Read More




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