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  • How to Choose Glasses That Fit Your Face Type Best?


    As everyone knows that the category of glasses is various, there are sunglasses, nearsighted glasses, optic glasses and so on. We take sunglasses for instance. It also can be divided into many kinds according to the use or shape, which includes common sunglasses, aviator sunglasses, round frame vintage sunglasses, hexagon sunglasses, vintage rectangle sunglasses, geometric sunglasses etc. Read More

  • Fashion Trends | Spring / Summer 2020 Sunglasses Trend List


    Sunglasses as part of trendy fashion, through the fashion conferences in New York, London, Milan and Paris, we can predict the trend of sunglasses in 2020. The large-frame sunglasses in 2019 are classic and stylish. In 2020, they not only inherit the original trend characteristics, but also incorporate the characteristics of 80 ~ 90 retro and current fashion elements, and innovate retro small piece glasses and oversized frames sunglasses with specific fashion styles. Let's take a closer look below. Read More

  • How Many Styles Do you Know about Sunglasses?


    By constantly paying attention to fashion information, you know the status of sunglasses in the fashion industry. Fashion sunglasses can not only create styles and enhance the aura, but the key is to protect the eyes from sun and ultraviolet rays in summer. Read More

  • Glasses Accessories Make You More Attractive


    Common people can conquer the world, and small accessories can also make a good pair of glasses. What glasses accessories do you know? What role can glasses accessories play? This article will answer your questions in detail. Read More




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