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  • How Much do you know about Polarized Glasses?


    There's a lot of discussion about the benefits of wearing polarized glasses, but do you actually know what they are or what they do? This short article will briefly explain what high quality polarized glasses are and the main benefits for a particular population. Read More

  • Why Wear Polarized Reading Sunglasses?


    In the previous article, we learned about different types and sunglasses and how to choose presbyopic glasses,do you remember? This week we will introduce you how to choose polarized reading sunglasses, let us understand photochromic polarized sunglasses together. Read More

  • Tips for Eyeglasses Collection


    The concept of daily necessities storage has become popular in recent years. Probably because of the high house prices, people begin to cherish every inch of space. As a household item, glasses can be seen everywhere. There are many kinds of daily glasses, including high quality presbyopia glasses, Read More

  • Tips for Good Glasses Selection


    Before matching a pair of suitable high quality optical glasses, first go to the eye clinic or hospital for a detailed optometry, and carry out a complete optometry process. First, measure the focal length, eye muscles, strabismus and other items (children need to do mydriasis) with the instrument, as well as the color blindness test and the Amsler square table test which can detect the macular lesions. After a complete optometry test, the next step is to select high quality optical glasses that meet personal conditions. Read More

  • Why Sunglasses is Necessary In Summer?


    When summer comes, many eyewear merchants will promote and recommend some functional sunglasses, such as uv400 protective sunglasses, hd polarized sunglasses, tac polarized sunglasses, anti reflective sunglasses, outdoor sports sunglasses, etc. Why do you need to wear sunglasses in summer? Read More




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