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  • What is the Best Coating for Eyeglasses?


    In order to obtain some new excellent properties, lenses are coated with a certain thickness of single or multi-layer optical films by physical and chemical methods. Do you know what is the best coating for mirrored lens sunglasses? Read More

  • Nine Mistakes You Should Avoid When Choosing Eyewear Lens(2)


    Purchasing lens reading glasses is a systematic and integrated service, each of which is very important. However, due to the inability to judge the quality of lenses, consumers are prone to make mistakes. Here are some mistakes you should avoid when choosing glasses. Read More

  • What Does Mirrored Glasses Benefit?


    There are many mirrored glasses in the market, such as mirrored lens sunglasses, including mirror polarized sunglasses, mirror aviator sunglasses, etc. So what is the working principle of mirrored glasses and its advantages? Read More

  • What's the Benefit of Mirrored Lenses Glasses?


    What’s mirrored lenses glasses? Mirrored sunglasses are sunglasses with a reflective optical coating (called a mirror coating or flash coating) on the outside of the lenses to make them appear like small mirrors. it is also called a semi-silvered surface. The term "semi-silver plated" comes from th Read More




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