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  • What Is The Best Material For Your Lenses?


    Can you believe that the lenses of spectacles in the past were entirely made of glass? Although glass is excellent in optics, it is heavy and dangerous because you may be injured or blind! Nowadays, modern science and technology have made great progress, leading to the fact that we can see lenses of various materials on the market today. Read More

  • The Benefits of Various Lens Colors in Sunglasses


    In the past 20 years, the technology of making lenses has developed rapidly and tremendously. Today, we have many different lens colors for you to choose from, which makes it easier to find the right lens for our needs. Read More

  • What is the Best Coating for Eyeglasses?


    In order to obtain some new excellent properties, lenses are coated with a certain thickness of single or multi-layer optical films by physical and chemical methods. Do you know what is the best coating for mirrored lens sunglasses? Read More

  • What Does Mirrored Glasses Benefit?


    There are many mirrored glasses in the market, such as mirrored lens sunglasses, including mirror polarized sunglasses, mirror aviator sunglasses, etc. So what is the working principle of mirrored glasses and its advantages? Read More

  • What Glasses Are Best For Pilots?


    The pilot wearing sunglasses is an iconic image of the United States, often appearing in movies, magazines, history books, etc. These classic images attract our common appreciation for freedom, courage, innovation and exploration. Read More

  • Anti-reflective Coating Glasses Help You See Further


    A common problem with sunglasses is that they are prone to glare. The role of the anti-reflective coating is to reduce the reflection of light by the lens. Like the anti-scratch protection layer, the anti-reflective coating is a very solid and thin film on the lens. Do you know the benefits of anti-reflective sunglasses? Read More

  • What's the Benefit of Mirrored Lenses Glasses?


    What’s mirrored lenses glasses? Mirrored sunglasses are sunglasses with a reflective optical coating (called a mirror coating or flash coating) on the outside of the lenses to make them appear like small mirrors. it is also called a semi-silvered surface. The term "semi-silver plated" comes from th Read More




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