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  • How to Find the Right Reading Glasses Lenses?


    Presbyopia is a normal physiological phenomenon, not an eye disease, nor is it only among the elderly. After the age of 40, with the gradual fiber hardening of the human eyes, the ciliary muscles are gradually paralyzed, making the human eye unable to effectively adjust the shape of the eyeball. Read More

  • What are the Types of Lenses?


    Lens is a transparent material with the curved surfaces made of glass or resin and other optical materials. After polishing, it is often assembled with the eyeglass frame to form pc reading glasses, which are used to correct the user's vision and obtain a clear vision. Read More

  • What are the Differences Between Acetate Frames and Plastic Frames ?


    When choosing a pair of glasses, we usually need to consider some factors, such as price, material, shape, color and so on. The material is one of the factors we need to consider the most. Carbonate fiber and plastic, as the two major materials for making frames, which are more popular with everyone. The difference between the two will be introduced below. Read More

  • What is the Advantages of Plastic Glasses?


    Nowadays, glasses are already a must-have item in life, but the materials of glasses are also various. Among them, a better plastic frame is popular among consumers, but the plastic frame glasses are also diverse in the material of the frame. The advantages of different materials are also different. Read More

  • Glasses & Contact Lens:Which is Better For Eyes?


    Everyone is not new to glasses. People with myopia need to wear glasses for myopia, people with farsightedness need to wear foldable reading glasses; the fashionable sunglasses are suitable for going out in the summer, and the blue light blocking sunglasses are suitable for people using cellphone in the open air. In addition to these lens categories, we know that there are contact lenses, so what are the differences between contact lenses and glasses? Read More




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